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Bridge the gap between Voice and Text

Create a delightful support experience for customers on a smartphone through an interplay of voice, text and on-the-call actions.

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On the call actions toolbox

Don't limit yourself to voice, when customers are calling you from their smartphone

Trigger actions on the call

Agents can trigger messages to collect and share complex data easily

Use our pre-built workflows

One-click payment, 3-second authentication, contract approval and more - all completed on the call

More functionality with your existing tools

Our templates can be easily deployed on your existing systems and made powerful by 3rd party integrations

Powerful queue management

Manage your demand peaks and unexpected surges more efficiently

No more waiting on the line

Send your customers updates on waiting time, their queue number and when you will call back

Find a convenient time

Let customers book a time for a call so you can spread your demand peaks

Routing without IVRs

Share a web menu and direct customers to the right place or person faster

Call back with context

Transform voicemail into text on your chat platform and call back with context or resolve offline

Call Deflection

Reduce inbound call volume and make your customers happy

Configure triggers

Trigger a response on any IVR option, missed call, key word in a voicemail or a CRM field

Pick a channel and a message

Send your message via an SMS, Whatsapp or a push notification

Enable self-service

Include links and direct customers to self-service options made powerful with our 3rd party integrations

Engage via text

Continue chatting to customers via a cheaper text channel using your existing chat platform


We built Cordless to work with your existing tools

About us

Luba Chudnovets


Former BCG consultant and early employee at Monzo bank. She has a mix of commercial and product experience. As the Head of Scaling Operations, she played a key role in building Customer support team at Monzo and scaling it to support over 3 million customers.

Irina Bednova


A software engineer with over 12 years of experience. She has a proven track record in development of anything from landing pages to high-load distributed systems and leadership. She built Monzo's telephony system and scaled the internal product team to over 20 people.