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Different communication channels are great for different things. With Cordless you can combine the best part of each to create customer experiences that feel like magic for your customers on a smartphone.

Collect context and call back with a solution

Transform voicemail into a text message that you can queue on your existing chat platform. The right person can now call back with context for quicker resolution or even resolve offline.

Secure payment in a click

Complete payment on the call to avoid chasing up later. Link customers to a payment page to pay with a couple of clicks.

Eliminate complex IVRs

Send customers a message with your routing options and direct them to the right person or part of the website in a click of a button. You will be able to show them how to use self-service too.

Authenticate faster

Authenticate customers in seconds by sending them a push notification or a link to a form to verify key information. Eliminate awkward exchanges.

Share documents and capture approval on the call

No need to read out a script or make customers agree to important things over voice. Give them a chance to read through details on the call and capture approval with an E-signature right there and then.

Schedule calls easily

Whether it is to manage your demand peaks or schedule sales conversations, enable customers to pick a convenient time to have a call. And we will remind them about it.

Automatic summaries and transcripts

Capturing key conversation points is so important. Do it automatically after each call - transform your phone conversation into text to never worry about voice compliance and save your agents' time.

Automatic responses

Configure events to trigger an automated response or direct customers to a help page automatically. Easily tweak the message if circumstances change.


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