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Powerful call management

Route emergency calls, manage peaks in volume and collect call context more efficiently

Collect context and call back with a solution

Transform voicemail into a text message that you can queue on your existing chat platform. The right person can now call back with context for quicker resolution or even resolve offline.

Don't make customers wait on the line or miss calls

Your customers don't need to wait on the line ever again. You can let them know how long is the wait and when you will give them a call back.

You can distribute your workload more efficiently if you enable customers to pick a convenient time for a call. And we will remind them about it.

Follow up via text

If you know what a customer called about, you can resolve simple questions offline on your existing chat platform. Lots of calls don't need to be a conversation.

Eliminate complex IVRs

Send customers a message with your routing options and direct them to the right person or part of the website in a click of a button. You will be able to show them how to use self-service too.


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